Delta Sierra is a 4-piece heavy rock band from all over New York State except for Western, NY but that's not because they don't love it there.

Formed in late 2016/early 2017 Delta Sierra started as a two piece electric guitar band with Brandon Schmitt and John North which followed in the footsteps of the last Brandon Schmitt record "Red Blood Blues" (Father Time Baby New Years Records 2014) which featured John as part of it's guitar ensemble. Further exploring themes from that record with dense and atmospheric arrangements, Brandon and John begin developing new material collaboratively over several months and it became something far different in spirit than the more traditional "singer/songwriter" work of the previous records and new band was formed.  Ralph Meitz and Alex Coronado joined during the winter months being former collaborators on 'Red Blood Blues' and other previous Brandon Schmitt releases and they formed the rhythm section. The songs developed at a rapid pace after the lineup was solidified and were eventually recorded in Chicago in April 2017, release date TBD