Black Smoke Blues

Playing an acoustic show this Sunday 6/25 as a guitar two-piece.  Show is at Sacred Root Kava Bar in Ithaca, NY and starts at 8, performing with friend and prolific writer Douglas Milliken from Portland, ME who'll be pleasing us with readings from his new collection of stories "One Thousand Owls Behind Your Chest".  In somewhat related news here's a practice take of Delta Sierra performing a song from the last "Brandon Schmitt" record Red Blood Blues.  Recorded live at the Nelson Odeon. More shows coming soon with the full band, will also be adding a show tab so you can check for updates that way.  Enjoy, Delta Sierra B

New Band, New Site etc...

Hey all, so this here is the internet home of Delta Sierra.  If you'd like to know who we are you can click that "About" link above and all answers will be revealed.  We'll be adding material and announcing stuff about shows/records and all that as we go along.  But here we are, there you go.  We got back a little over a month ago from Chicago where we recorded what will be our first record at Electrical Audio with Steve Albini. Mostly live straight to tape, we're pretty excited. Release info TBD but it's on it's way. In the meantime we'll be booking shows and rearranging some old "Brandon Schmitt" songs and working on some new ones.

To announce our internet arrival here's a cavernous sounding version of a song we left off our record called "Covered in Blood" It was pulled from the salvage pile after recording the last "Brandon Schmitt" solo record 'Red Blood Blues' We are chipping away at it so it's pretty skeletal but why not share it for the heck of it?  We'll do something with it someday we hope.  Keep an eye on the site and we'll be adding songs from practices etc along the way just because the modern technology allows us to do so, trying to figure out a way to streamline everything.

 Thanks for reading/listening!

-Delta Sierra B